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This stitchery is done in the Ancient Japanese Boro style.

We can tell our own stories through textile collages. The fabrics included in this kit are genuine Aboriginal fabrics sourced through companies that ensure the designer is paid and acknowledged. Traditional aboriginal art designs are often geometric and abstract in nature. Combining geometric or abstract shapes with the Boro technique creates another level of slow stitching that celebrates the mixing of two ancient cultural styles that allows you to create your own story. Background fabric, threads and a needle are also supplied.

This kit measures 12” x 9” – perfect placemat size. But you may choose to make it into a coin purse, mobile phone cover and frame your masterpiece. Oh the possibilities!


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Encourage and equip others to explore and expand their creative abilities by finding a pocket of tranquility in their busy worlds.


Provide a tranquil setting to explore and expand textile & fibre art creative abilities whilst offering the option of local culture/history immersion experience.

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