Quilting Services

All quilting is done on my APQS Lenni longarm quilting machine

The Amish Rule

A lot of love, time and effort has gone into making your quilt but at the end of the day, as the Amish people say that, “only God is perfect.”  Each of us is only human and prone to “unintended design features”

Long arm quilting of your treasured work gets the best results when your seams are ironed flat and all loose threads are removed. It also helps if your quilt top has been squared up.

Edge to Edge $3.75 per sq. foot
Creative Custom $7.50 per sq. foot
Custom Quoted by project
$5 – $15 depending on quilt size.
Quilting Threads available in solid, metallic and variegated in different colours.
Pre-wound Bobbins available in basic solid colours.
Matilda’s Own Wool/Poly $20 per metre
Bag Wadding $20 per metre
Or you can supply your own
Limited tone on tone fabrics available $17 – $20 per metre
Or you can supply your own
From placemat to maximum width 96 inches but maximum length can be up to 110 inches
Return Express Post @ cost


When you are supplying your own backing or wadding, it MUST be at least five (5) inches larger than your quilt top on all sides.

All endeavours are made to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome by you choosing from the available pantographs for edge to edge quilting or working together on a custom design.                 

Quilting thread colour & bobbin choice are yours also

Please note, though, that fullness and puckers cannot always be quilted out. But attempts can be made to minimize these problems by consultation, so please don’t hesitate to call my mobile or make an appointment to swing past my home studio in Roebourne to discuss any of these issues.

I look forward to working together with you to produce your next creative masterpiece.


Encourage and equip others to explore and expand their creative abilities by finding a pocket of tranquility in their busy worlds.


Provide a tranquil setting to explore and expand textile & fibre art creative abilities whilst offering the option of local culture/history immersion experience.

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